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fahrenheit_0101's Journal

Bandslash/Bookverse crossovers
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Hi. I was talking to mumblemutter and normalhumanbein and all of the sudden there was a community.

So, you've been bullied into joining fahrenheit_0101. That's great! If you came here willingly, even better. So, what the hell is it?

It's where you post that Fall Out Boy/Discworld fic you've always wanted to write, or maybe that one where Ryan Ross is an outer god and Gerard Way's dating Death (he likes her hair, okay?). It's where Interpol go to have a drink with Inigo Montoya. It's where William Beckett pops Reboot while Bert McCracken drops Substance D and Rick Deckard tries to prove Gabe Saporta's an android. It's where robots rule Long Island and scenesters fly spaceships (or phone boxes) and cast spells.

Basically, it's where the sci-fi/fantasy/weemo crack is kept.

We're pretty open about what we'll take - feel free to post anything from plot outlines to chatfic, drabbles or full-blown stories. You can request a pairing or 'verse, provided you write one from The List (see below) in exchange (because we're all about making people cater to our kinks), or you can just throw fic out there. Just...y'know. Make sure it's in coherent, understandable-to-the-non-l337 English.

The mods are suckers for fics centering around Terry Pratchett's Anhk-Morpork 'verse, more specifically band crossovers with those characters. There's a List, in case you don't know where to start, actually, it's down at the bottom. And then, because the whole thing snowballed out of control, Dr. Who and Douglas Adams got thrown in there, too. Basically, just post a fic, make a request, and we'll have swap meets the likes of which livejournal has never seen before. The more cracked the better. ^_^
The Rules:
-Con Crit is great, but try to be nice about it. Constructive is the operative word here, people.
-Feedback is also quite nice. Just, y'know, throwing that out there.
-I don't think this'll be a problem, but if you hate another member's guts? Try not to let me know. I know it's hard, but. Can't We All Just Get Along?
-Place things behind a cut if they're going to be longer than a question or a request.
-For fic posts, put this:
Authors' Notes:

So everyone knows what's going on. you know, just the standard shit.

Okay! so here's the List, which I'm going to make the first post, to get everyone started. Just comment on my journal so I can cross it off and too many people don't do the same one.

The List:
-Maja Iversson/Anathema Device
-Pete/Dr. Who
-Pete AS Dr. Who
-Anathema Device/Patrick
-Rincewind/Patrick (time travel)
-Ryan/Dr. Who
-Ryan/Zaphod Beeblebrox
-Pete/Ford Prefect
-Gerard/Arthur Dent
-Granny Weatherwax/FOB (genfic, please, because...ick)
-Granny Weatherwax/Panic!
-Bad Ass Witches/Anyone